10 Benefits of Buying Used Cars

Buying a car is an expensive decision. It is one of the most expensive and important purchase one makes in his life and hence it is important that one takes the decision by comparing all the pros and cons of the cars they are willing to purchase. New cars can provide a lot of benefits but at the same time buying used cars has its own advantages. There are lot of benefits of buying used cars and due to easy availably of user car sellers, a lot of interest is shown towards buying used cars for a reputed used car seller.
The main benefit of buying used cars id the financial advantage. Along with the financial benefit there are other advantages as well. The market for buying and selling used cars is growing day and night and the sellers are proving warranty on their purchase hence the risk of getting faulty parts, low mileage is reducing a lot. Below are the top ten benefits of buying used cars.

It is true that one can find many overpriced used cars and one can bargain the buys on a brand-new vehicle, but just the sticker price doesn’t make a new car a waste. There are associated fees and subsequent costs as well as the losses involved in value of the car (i.e. depreciation) which can add up to thousands of USD over the initial few years of the ownership of a new car. This is a very bad news if the buyer ends up spending too much on the car loan.

On the flip side a slightly-used car i.e., one that is only used for about two years and has travelled under 30,000 miles can really help the buyer in keeping their cash in their pocket and the quality remains the same. Below are 10 benefits of buying a used car over a brand-new car.

Used Cars mean Lower Price and Less Depreciation

Remember the old saying that a new car loses its financial value the moment you drive a lot in it? It’s true, and hence buying a used car or cars are far better bargains. Hence one can buy a 2007 Porsche for the budget of a 2011 Honda. If Someone bought the Porsche for $50,000 and now it can be bought for $25,000. The drop in the price is since it is used and it has lost it actual value in price. Hence once can enjoy the family of driving a very luxurious car even while spending a lot less from its actual price.

HONDA 2011

The luxurious 2007 Porsche

The average price of buying new is lot higher than the price of buying a slightly used car. One can refer the figures from CNW Marketing Research and get the idea that that the average price of a brand-new car in 2009 was $25,537 apart from the taxes and fees. That car is now be worth near about $13,500. Now the question is what position do you want to be? The new buyer or the second buyer who can save about 13000 to 14000$ by buying the slightly used car.
Saving money cannot be easier than this, just by shifting the choice one can save a lot of money and they can use this money for paying for taxes and servicing of the car. One can use the money to modify the car as well acorn to their need and personalize the car as per their wish.

If one buys a used car which is one or two years old it will still depreciate, but the chances of losing money will become very less and one can save a lot by this. One can avoid the initial hit the new buyer took and that margin of saving can make a hell of lot difference it the price tag of the car.

Sales Tax on New Cars

The next big advantage of buying a used car is that one can save a lot of money spend on the tax for buying the car. Different states have differed laws for imposing the taxes on the NY=user on the eve of buying a car. But a same buyer can buy a used car and save this amount because the first buyer has already payed the taxes and hence the second buyer don’t have to pay any taxes on re buying the same car for a reseller. The government cannot charge you any tax because the tax for the car is already payed and the second buyer will be exempted form paying any kind tax for the car. The tax can range up to thousands of dollars and by simply going of a used car one can have the infinite of saving this tax amount.

If one don’t understand this calculation, then then that can go to any car showroom and then ask its price and then compare the same car’s price from any reseller shoe room. The difference can be up to thousands of dollars due to the difference in the tax amount.

Falling Registration Fees

The registration fees for the cars is bound to depreciate with time and it depends upon the car’s initial value and the year of the model. As time passes this amount becomes lesser in value and this fees can decrees exponentially with time. In the first 3-4 years, this rate is highest and the rate dampens a lot after 5 years. A smart buyer can wait for like 3-5 years before buying their car of his choice and save a lot of money because due to the time difference in the making and the buying, the registration fees drops to a very low amount hence one can save this amount very easily.

Useless Extras on New Cars, Cheaper Features on Used Cars

It is a very old trick for the dealers to ass additional dealer option a ND discounts to lucubrate buyers. When the car is sold for the first time then sometime the dealers ass anti-rusting coat, pinstripe, or a protective film so that the first-time buyer feel more encouraged to buy the new car.

On the eve of nuking this types of used cars the used vats buyer doesn’t have to pay any extra amount for this additional f=erasures and they will get this tadeonal items at no extra cost. This is a hidden advantage of buying a used car. One can get a lot of additional features which were installed in the new cars when the first buyer bought it but while re-buying the car the second-time buyer don’t have a pay a single penny for them and they can get this additional parts absolutely fee of shy type of cost.

If the second buyer want to add the new feature which they wish to install in their new car, then slosh they have an additional advantage. The parts will cost lesser then the original part and hence the old car buyer must pay a lot less than the first buyer. Hence rather than losing the opportunity and the compulsion of declining a dealer’s extremely expensive selling package with fees and the surcharges, the second buyer will be able to afford the built-in features will no additional cost for them.

Dealers and Their Crazy Fees

There are lot of addition in the initial price of new car. The seller charge the customers with additional shipping charges, destination fees and some hidden charges like the preparation fee which add lot to their price. The price become so Hight that the buyer sonnet has any other option other than to decline their offer by showing their low bank balances. But the old car buyer doesn’t have to deal with this this non-sense of the dealers who were selling the car to the first buyer. The second-time buyer will only have to deal with the DMV to pay the tag and the time along with the registration fees only but they sonnet must pay this extra charge to the dealer. If one buyers the same car for the first time for then they are obligated to pay this fees to their dealer but on the eve of rebuying the same car, the dealer cannot charge the second-time buyer with the fess which were played by the first buyer. This can save a lot of money and harassment for the second-time buyer.

The buyer for the used car have more powerful role and they can negotiate the price will a lot of confidence and due to a lot of used cars dealer sin the market, the old car buyer has a lot of option then the new car buyer. The second-hand card buyer can sample walk away from the deal if they are not satisfied with the pike and the benefits they are getting from the deal. BUT the new car buyer doesn’t have this much opting and clarity regarding the price and they generally don’t have that much option as the old car buyer. As general the new car is launched at additional facilities and hence if the buyer wants to get those facilities then they must pay the full amount will know or little negotiator. The second-hand buyer can negotiate the price tell they are not satisfied with all the details and the charges that must pay. As the old car seller know that the used car will lose more value and it will have detreated with time and they will try to sell the car as soon as possible and hence they will try to keep the deal al negotiation table as much as they can and the possibility of getting the best thing a much lower price increase a lot in the case of nuking used car form a reliable dealer.


In current times the cars are built so that they can last for at about 100,000 miles, so the old car buyer never must sacrifice the car’s reliability and at the time the overall condition to get a great deal on the used car. You can get a pre-owned car that is completely scratch-free and in excellent mechanical condition. If the buyer knows anything about cars, then they should be able to get one which just like new condition. The only criteria are that one should not blindly choose any cars before comparing all the ifs and buts of the car and they should check completely the car they are going to buy before shaking their hand on the deal.

There is practically no risk involved in buying ahold car but the buyer must be careful before making the final payment and they should check all the parts and it is advisable that they should insist on a test drive so that they can get a better idea about the condition of the car.

In case of any fault found in the car, the buyer can either ask for a discount or they can ask the seller to change the part. Even after making the final deal the buyer should isn’t on a written warranty that in case of any future problem, the buyer will either replace the faulty pat tofu they will do a free service of their car.
However, if the buyer is not comfortable under the hood, and they are not sure if they can judge the right condition of the car then they have the option to rely on the certification programs, the extended long-term car warranties that are offered by most car dealers.

When the second-hand buyer buys a used car at a reputed manufacturer’s dealership, they can be sure that they’ve inspected their vehicle and they can be sure that will meet the strict requirements for their certification. The biggest assurance the buyer can find is the dealer’s warranty from the manufacturers of the used cars. Toyota offers a seven-year duration 100,00-mile warranty for their certified used vehicles. This type of peace of mind is really assuring while buying a used car.

Buying used cars offer a lot of Variety (The second hand buyer can buy any make/model year)

Everson wasn’t stop get the best o=in the market buy due to some restriction they are not able to get it. Time is one of such restriction. Different time have produced cars with different style, technology and price. The mileage, style. Glamour of the cars have varied across the ages. Cars like 2004 Jeep wrangler and the 1979 mustang have always been the favorites of the cars lover but their araciality along price is one of the major issue while buying it.

But one can now get their hands on this fantastic models if they are willing to buy them second hand. There are many used car seller who keep this marvelous beast in their shoe room in perfect condition for reselling. The used cars market is rich with this kind of models and they are only available to a used car buyer.
New are good buy they cannot match the glamour of a car from the golden era. The owners of these cars are sure to get a second look from the passerby if they drive past them. Due to the growth of used car reselling market it is now possible to buy this car in absolute new like condition.

If one decides to buy a used car rather than a new car, then they have the option to choose form a much wider selection of cars. The buyer; s option is not limit to the cars which are sole recently but they can choose from last 30 year of car making and hence the supply of cars is virtually endless. This is a unique facility allowed but the used cars selling industry.

The buyer doesn’t have to restrict their choices and they are free to choose from an endless supply of models for the cars.


Technology is the ally of any used cars buyer . there are a lot of websites available which can guide you in this buying process and the buyer can get a plethora of information regarding the price, advantage, disadvantage of their preferred models. Websites like KBB.com and CarFax.com allows the buyer to compare different types of cars in their websites without leaving the comfort of their home. A used car buyer can reality located the location where these cars are being sold and they have a lot of option to choose from.

There are various forums available for the used cars buyers where they can put their questions and they can get the best answers from the people who have such experience.

They can even contact the used car reseller from these websites and the forums and even before seeing the actual thing they can discuss the price, faults, additional benefits which are offered by different sellers.

Better for the Environment

There is a common misconception that the used are cars are not good for the environment but this is basally wrong. This is not only wrong but the true fact is that they are sometimes more beneficial to the environment than the new cars. Before selling the old cars, the dealer must change the faulty and nonoperational parts and after the servicing the car almost reaches a new like condition. The carbon oxide output of the used cars is generally lower than the new cars and specially the newer models which have lithium-ion, lead acid, or nickel-metal hydride batteries that have a much greater impact on environmental than a used car. The newer hybrid model pose more threat to the environment then the used cars.

No Long order periods

To get a new car, the buyer must order the car from the location of its manufacturing. This may take a lot of time duty to the required paper work and the travel and transport time. Depending gupon the brand and the location of the car this may even take about 12 monthsh of time.

But in the case of use cars the buyer ca n buy the cars on the spot and they can avoid the long wait before buying their cars. Apart from the plethora of option of their brands and the verities in the used car market, this is also a major benefit offer by them. Due to the short duration of getting the car the buyer can enjoy their ride as soon as they have made their purchase.


Generally used Vehicles are much cheaper to insure. This is generally the rule, but there are several exceptions of this rule. the used cars naturally must go through normal wear due to daily driving and this will reduce their cost for taking up the insurance. The paperwork is a lot less in comparison form the new car and the time taken for doing the insurance is lot less than a new car.

Final Word

It is true that new cars smell great and they seem a lot collar id you are ready to pay the price for it.But at the same time this is also true that it is not possible for everyone to buy new car. The benefits of buying an old car is metioned abhove nad one can easily guess that there are lot on financviual and non-finanacial benefits of buying an old car.
Apart from the taxsaving, price reduction and additional benefits the used car buyer gets the option to choose form a lot of options and they are more prone to get their preferred model in their budget.

The used car market has grown a lot in the last few years and the interested buyers can easily contact a lot of used cars sellers in a short span of time. The faster and cheaper insurance cost and the low impact to the environment make it more convenient for the buyer to go for a used car. Hence one can easily guess that there are a lot of benefits in buying a used car from a reliable seller due to their low cost and greater reliability due to the certification and warranty provided by the used cars sellers and the manufacturers.


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