Top 10 Used BMW

If you’re on a hunt for a second-hand premium car then the BMW range is an amazing choice. BMW offers an extensive collection of trustworthy models in every category.
Here is a list of 10 used BMWs that you might want to consider buying:

BMW 3 Series

7_bmw_3-series_2015The 3 Series is the undoubtedly BMW’s most popular model, and it has every reason to be. The model is a veritable mixture of sturdy performance, impressive fuel economy and exquisite handling. Not to mention that in addition to that it offers expansive and deluxe seating facilities. It is also reliable to boot.

Our current favorite pick is the 320d model for those in the market for a brand-new purchase. However, used car buyers; keep the petrol versions in consideration as well especially once you take into account that they can be bargained over, due to their abrupt devaluation. For instance, say a three-year-old 320i that has clocked in an estimated 30,000 will save you £3000 compared to if you went for the corresponding 320d. Fuel expenses for the petrol are bound to be steeper – approximately £1040 for 10,000 miles (£820 for the diesel required for that mileage). Nevertheless, remaining management costs are analogous and anyhow, that variance is compensated for by the smaller price tag. One could potentially save real money from this decision.

If diesel happens to be your preference, opt for the 320d and hunt for high-spec cars. The 320d wins from the 318d with its superior performance, similar duel economy and comparable purchase costs. The reason we recommend holding out for higher-spec cars is because an additional £1000 gets you much more kit, counting the Professional Media package, leather seats and several other significant details.

One recommendation stays unwavering – always choose an automatic; your driving experience will be that much smoother and greater.

Keep in mind: Numerous BMW 3 Series models started life as fleet cars, so the one in front of you could have been through a rough-and-tumble type life. Double check its full-service history and ensure that the interior trim is tip top.

BMW 1 Series


The 1 Series will always be voted high among the best small family cars. It’s comfortable and enjoyable to drive, unexpectedly inexpensive to operate and so makes for a very sought-for, first-class option. Granted that it loses some points where roominess is compared to rivals, but its decent handling and comfy drives more than make up for it. This rear-wheel-drive hatchback is a blend of robust functioning, admirable fuel economy and low emissions.

Exactly as with the series 3 competitors, petrol 1 series models offer the best rates. There’s a fair quantity of 118i models available. They know two thousand off the asking price as compared to diesel, and that redeemed money helps recompense for the superfluous fuel cost. Fuel for petrol model will cost you just £200 a year more than for diesel (based on 10,000 miles a year), so you’d have to be covering a huge mileage in the diesel to counter the petrol car’s lower selling price.

There’s so many diesel models out there for this series that you’ll be spoilt for choice. The 116d is ideal as a new buy, but don’t forget to check out the 118d and 120d models first because the difference in their prices is a considerably less than when buying new, meanwhile the maintenance costs are very similar.

What to look out for: Some of the BMW 1 Series’ dashboard plastics feel low rent and electrical gremlins have been reported. The test drive will be your opportunity to pick up on these flaws, should they exist.

BMW 5 Series


The BMW 5 Series is undoubtedly one of the most executive cars out there. Its attributes include being elegant, roomy, sophisticated and astonishingly economical to operate
With the 5 Series Saloon, a diesel engine is the way to go. The 530d denigrates very heavily, making it great value as a used car. But our choice will still be 520d. SE trim with optional automatic gearbox to be particular. You’d do well to keep an eye out for higher-spec models all the same; while they may not command much of a premium, their kit is considerably more extensive.

Keep in mind: BMW 5 Series owners are on average, extremely satisfied customers. Since most of the models you’ll be looking at have bound to have been fleet cars once upon a time, don’t forget to hunt for signs of depreciation interiorly.

BMW 5 Series Touring


The BMW 5 Series Touring demonstrates the very best that BMW has to offer, much like its inspiration the saloon. Its make is as beautiful as it is spacious, and the drive is phenomenal.

We’d say stick to the 520d, but browse the market for high-spec models and stronger diesel engines, in case you happen upon a bargain.
Or, you could go another way and think about the 5 Series GT. If you can compromise a bit on appearance, and have ample leg room in your list of requirements, the 5 Series GT is as good as the 5 Series Touring in terms of pragmatism, at a near-identical price.

Keep in mind: test the air-conditioning and infotainment systems thoroughly as they are the cause of the most criticisms in the 5 Series Touring.

BMW 4 Series Coupe


The BMW 4 Series Coupé has been gaining popularity and proving itself worth the money before it’s even been on the market for a fair amount of time, compared to other cars. First of all, it has what almost every car buyer will require from his wheels that is space. Being spacious is what gets cars most of their approval and love from customers. Everyone wants more leg room and the ability to host as many passengers as they can. In addition, it comes with standard equipment and lots of practicality according to daily life.

If you want to talk about model, we would like to present the 435i to include in our list. But it’s greater news for those looking for a second hand bargain than brand new buyers. The depreciation value is quite fancy and favors the common second hand seeker. .
But if you still want to consider more options, we’d recommend the 420d. If you’re looking for a small price in return for huge advantages then look no further! 420d is the perfect match of your wallet and your needs. But we’d still like to warn you a little bit about the diesel engine. You might want to look into that before deciding on anything.

Keep in mind: Because nothing in the world is perfect, we’d like to add these cars to list of imperfect wonders as well. The regular wear and tear might take place, so as a good car owner, we suggest you get ready for that.

BMW X3 -

The BMW X3 is a double win. Want an SUV? Want it to be classy? Then stop looking because here is your answer. If that is still not enough reason for you to bring this car home, then consider the fuel efficiency and the cash you will save from gas. The driving’s smooth as ever! It’s basically the car you never knew you wanted.
Even though the X3 may not be the best option for someone looking to get wheels with a considerable budget, it’s still worth a mention with all its capability and performance.

Again, talking about models, we have picked the xDrive20d SE for every person that asks for a recommendation and we don’t need to explain why, that car’s an example in itself.
If your quest is an SUV but your desire is the BMW logo, then don’t give up and look for the BMW X1. Even though we have previously suggested the X3 as the best SUV around but if you need to go even lower and still have the SUV and BMW combo, then the X1 might be the best option out there. If interiors don’t do much with you and you can without showing off the inside of your ride, then your answer is the X3.

Keep in mind: You may want to look into the corrosion problem on the roof rails. It’s a common complaint that we feel would be dishonest to leave behind.



If your eyes are still looking for an SUV even at this point, then we would ask you to consider the BMW X5. You can get enough rear space, impressive engine performance and fuel efficiency along with a great bargain.

Again, in the category of expensive but worthy cars, we’d like to nominate the X5!
If you need guidance with the model too, there can be nothing better than the xDrive30d model. Plus point: it’s a great deal on the used car market so if you are not a new buyer, this is your bet!

Keep in mind: Before you buy it, don’t forget to take it for a test drive because in comparison to other several BMW models, customers have the most complaints about the X5.



Coming to lower and a little less efficient options, the BMW Z4 might be a nice catch if you don’t expect much from a car other than driving to places. The kit is pretty neat and it has a metal folding roof. Overall, we’d rate this car as pretty reliable. The strength of its engine and the quality of the cabin might also be a point to evaluate while buying this car. All in all, we don’t see a day we would not recommend this car to our clients because it is a true catch.

The model we personally suggest to everyone looking for this car is the sDrive20i. The fact that its amazingly powerful, might be just enough for you to take this advice but if you still won’t settle for just one advantage we’d say that it has many options to choose from! That’s right. You don’t have to keep yourself limited to a specific type or model. You can choose from a lot. The car will not bore you!

Keep in mind: While test driving this model, we would recommend looking out for dashboard rattles. So far, that is the only sort of complain the manufacturers have received about this model.



Remember the 3 series saloon? The 3 series touring? If you liked those cars, then you will definitely love their possibly evolved version called the BMW 3 GT!
If you are interested but hesitate thinking that you don’t want to be driving around in a traditional estate car, then you don’t have to worry at all. It looks nothing like that. It’s as practical as the 3 series touring and as capable as the 3 series saloon. But looks even better than the both!

Basing our suggestion on the engine and its smooth, dedicated operation, we’d like to pick out the 320d GT as our favorite from this range.

Keep in mind: Nothing much, it’s a very strong car and users have barely ever complained about anything important. Though considering the nature of machinery, we would suggest that you keep in mind the standard wear and tear that comes along with the responsibility of owning a car.


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